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re: Raid 28/9/15




Tanks - Slim and Hino

Healers - Petrarch, Xarvoz, Denika and Cadmarus

Ranged - Foos, Dysc, Katey, Broly, Cenaria, Rashoujin, Marg and Penda

Melee - Kolapop, Brigg, Sisy, Halloran, Demencja and Fertisius

I want to get back into raid reports and such as the guild is growing larger again and it will be more useful as we are doing harder content. On to our first Mythic raid of this tier - Still had to PuG a couple which was a bit disappointing and I had to go into my Off spec which was never going to go too well. Despite not killing Assault we had a good look at it and really got the tactics nailed down.

After the initial Phase 1, the group is split in half and each deal with a side until you meet back in the middle at the 3 minute mark and then split up again for the rest of the encounter. The fight is all about the 3-5 minute section in the middle, the rest isn't particularly that difficult. The fight is completely down to prioritising killing the correct adds 

Phase 1 (Start - 0.55)

A very brief phase - We popped all CDs and ring but saved bloodlust. Nuke down Martak just like in normal mode and she is dead before any notable adds even spawn. The first set of vehicles spawn at about 55 seconds into the fight so there is time to clear some adds up after Martak leaves.

We attack the Berserker as it spawns first then nuke down the first Caster (Terror) with the two Casters that spawn together. With one Caster left low (>50% hp) the left side move across to their vehicle and the right side take the caster with their vehicle.

Phase 2 (0.56 - 3.05)

Phase 2 is really the first of the split group phases. Both sides deal with their first vehicle and the right side kills off the remaining Caster (We were having both druids collect the boxes for the cannons). As the first vehicle dies on the right side the left side gets a set of two Casters and a Beserker with their next vehicle. I marked up one and taunted it across to the right side (making sure no-one on the left hit it) just to balance out the sides.  Beserkers always had to be nuked pretty hard due to tanks getting high stacks (Stacks "should" be no higher than 4). Both sides should clear all adds before the third vehicle spawns.

This vehicle spawns with two engineers. Everyone has to be hot on interrupting the engineers the moment they start to cast repair. they cannot cast it and heal up the vehicles. When this vehicle is dead the fourth one enters (on it's own with no more adds) which lines up close to when the third phase begins (with a bit more DPS we can easily delay Lust until phase three properly begins and just kill off the remaining adds earlier and then single target that last vehicle)

Phase 3 (3.06 - 5.00)

Phase 3 we merge back together again in the centre of the room and have to deal with a Transporter and a Crusher at the same time. This is ideally when we want to Bloodlust. Both should die relatively quickly and then we get the first mini-boss - Grand Corruptor U'rogg. He needs to be nuked down and the players that get corruption siphon need to be spam healed. Soon after Grute arrives in a Demolisher

There is a huge amount going on in this phase and the trick with it is to know the priority in which to DPS. Yes, AoE is good but focusing is much more important. This is a priority list for phase 3:

  • Crusher (should be the only thing up apart from the transporter)
  • Transporter (although the dragoons it spawns are normal mobs - they still do a lot of damage if you have 6 on you and it can be a pain for tanks to keep picking them up
  • U'rogg (the healing debuff is really annoying and he just does a lot of damage - also is up earlier)
  • Demolisher (carries in Grute and does a lot of AoE damage - finish off U'rogg first though
  • Grute + the rest of the mobs (as long as Grute is tank swapped around 2/3 stacks he can be killed alongside bringing over Terrors and nuking them down)

After this is done we spread back out to either side and begin Phase 4 (same as phase 2)

Phase 4 (5.01 - 7.30)

vehicles spawn with waves of casters on each side however there is no rush to get ready for a middle phase again so they can be dealt with by both sides. Use the ring when it comes off CD (pretty sure it will be on the second vehicle that spawns in this phase). Just carry on killing vehicles until the door falls down!

Tactically it is secure now. Due to new members and having to grab randomers there were gaps in the healing and the DPS wasn't as high however I hope next time (potentially next week) we will definitely get it down. See you all on Wed

Thanks for coming

Cenaria :)

Click here for the logs

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