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re: Pre Raid - 3/12/14


Ok then - Welcome to Dreanor!! so tonight is Highmaul night on the "new" and far easier normal mode! Remember LFR, Normal and Heroic only have a loot lockout so you can run them as many times as you want :) (joy). I have done a couple of the bosses earlier and thought I would post some tactics and ideas. Normal maybe be relatively trivial (or very close to being so) but these fights are exactly the same on heroic so learning the correct tactics for Normal is very valuable. Generally 630 is the ideal gear level for Normal though I think it is possibly tuned around 625.

Kargath Bladefist

Though slightly more interesting than some first tier bosses, Kargath is still pretty easy. He needs to be tanked in the centre of the room so as not to "waste" any of the flame pillars. Kargath casts Blade Dance and charges random targets every 2 seconds for 10 seconds (though it is a "ghost" version of him so no frantic following of the boss for melee...yet). This has a 7 yard splash so ranged need to be spread a bit. Ranged want to be relatively near to an active flame tower (they do despawn however). There are also four pits in the ground with tigers in. if you enter these you are supposedly one shot (however I was very quick and only took about 95% damage hah). All these factors are put in to hinder our ability to deal with the main mechanic of the fight.

This being Beserker Rush. Basically the boss targets a player then starts walking towards them cleaving in a cone in front of him - every 2 seconds he gets faster and hits harder - lasts 20 seconds. If targeted, the main way to stop this is to "kite" him through one of the active flame pillars (there are four that can be up). It is physical damage so you can use bubble but obviously only for the last half of the ability. This is why ranged generally want to be near(or be aware of) the most recent flame pillar. They can then have a "plan" in place to deal with it. When Kargath touches the flame pillar he is interrupted and the pillar despawns. One small thing - do NOT use feign death or invis etc - as always it messes things up heh!

Quick note for tanks. Kargath does a big hit (Impale) and after this puts Open Wounds on you - a 75 second debuff on you which increases your damage from impale - this stacks. It would appear tanks swap for every other impale (which means a potential healing CD for the second impale)

His other important ability is Chain Hurl. This picks the five nearest players and whirls them about in a snazzy animation then throws them into the stands round the outside of the room. You then have to deal with a host of adds. Most importantly is who gets picked. There needs to be a tank, healer and 3 DPS (obviously). The tank that gets picked should be whoever has the lowest timer on Open wounds. Kargath first casts a knockback and then starts casting Chain Hurl (6.5 second cast time). the 5 people who intend to get thrown into the stands then need to move into the boss while everyone else stays out at ranged. They get whirled about and thrown up and the fight continues as it did before down in the arena. One thing to note is if you are melee and not being sent up then you can move straight back into the boss after the knock back and DPS him. Just make sure you move out before he finishes casting Chain Hurl.

The stands are very simple - Kill lots of adds however there is a priority. There are lots of grunts around though these are relatively superfluous. The main targets need to be the Bileslingers and the Bombers. This is because if left up they pelt the raid (in the arena) with AoE zones and just add to the lack of space. Bileslingers do a frontal cone stun so turn them away and nuke down. Bombers drop a bomb when they die - make sure you aren't stood in it :P - You are pulled off the stands after 45 seconds however if we can clear all the "special" adds then I think jumping down early isn't a problem.

That is it really. Fight continues like this until he is dead!

The Butcher

Tactically this fight is pretty simple and is more of a numbers check. ranged and healers stack at ranged for the entire fight and basically never have to move. Tanks face him away from the raid and stack on each other to mitigate Heavy Handed. There will be two even groups that stack behind Butcher on either side of his legs. These groups will contain all of the melee and must be equal in number (if this means putting ranged/healers in that is no problem). Ignoring the knockback, 90% of the raid will never have to move - just nuke nuke nuke!

Typical Tank swap on three to four stacks of the debuffs.

Every 5 seconds The butcher will detect the largest group of players in melee and cast Cleave. This deals damage that needs to be shared and applies a debuff - Gushing Wounds. If you reach 5 stacks it is an insta-kill. The strat is similar to Heroic Iron Qon in that you have one group larger than the other to control which group gets cleaved. Just outside both melee groups is a healer/ranged waiting to influence the direction of the cleave. These players rotate in and out when groups need to be larger or smaller. Below is a simple order

  • Three players on left, two on right - take three cleaves
  • Left ranged moves out, right ranged moves in - take three cleaves
  • Repeat!

This makes sure that the bleed doesn't stack to high and requires the least amount of movement from everyone else. There is only one other ability that interrupts this rotation and that is Bounding Cleave.

This ability deals raid damage and knocks everyone back. He then does a cleave on the largest group of players (Ranged or Melee) and applies a stack of Cleave. This means that the bounding cleave needs to be on the ranged group. After the AoE damage the ranged group can just move back to where they were and they will be jumped on instead of messing up the rotation in melee. The fight then continues as normal

At 30% health Butcher enrages. He deals 10% more damage gains 30% attack speed. He also casts cleave and bounding cleave more often. Gushing strike will now need to be stacked to 4 and bounding cleave happens every 30 seconds instead of on the minute. Bloodlust and Nuke!

The next two bosses (Tectus and Brackenspore are optional). Will write a bit about them later on if I have time. The aim tonight will be to definitely get to Twin Ogron if not further :D

See you later on :)!!

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