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re: Raid 6/8/14



Tanks - Zalid and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Petrarch, Darieth and Sid

Ranged - Foos, and Penda

Melee - Thunderlash, Sisy and Ethanol 

9 heroic bosses all dead in under three hours! very pleased with that. To be honest... If our comp for Malkorok wasn't the worst possible comp EVER - we might have downed spoils as well :)!! I think with just a bit more gear and everyone here (arriving on time) we are very very close to being able to clear up to Blackfuse in one evening!

Pretty much one shots on every boss which was good! Shaman took a little while longer than intended but still only two wipes. As mentioned earlier we struggled on Malkorok. Only 5 people at ranged + two disco priests = "making things harder for ourselves" :P. This being said there was some excellent play and we pushed over time a bit to secure that ninth kill.

It has been frustrating the last couple of weeks as people have been busy and now we might be down Kayrah so it is just working out a way to kill those belts (Possibily Petrarch going mage). I definitely want to return to Blackfuse soon as I know we can kill him!!!!

Immerseus HEROIC 

  • Thunderlash - 75
  • Sisy - 127


Galakras HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 120


Kor'kron Dark Shaman HEROIC 

  • Cenaria - 23


General Nazgrim HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 112


Malkorok HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 149


Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Lots and lots of rankings (also third week in a row I got ranked on shaman.... just saying - yay for changing fights to boost my healing :P)

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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