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re: Raid 28/7/14



Tanks - Zalid and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Petrarch, Xarvoz and Sid

Ranged - Petrarch, Kayrah and Penda

Melee - Thunderlash, Sisy and Ethanol

On the whole a good raid with a slight dip in the middle. Started off on Shaman and I wanted to see how my new tactic would work out. Result - one shot. Swapped a ranged DPS with a healer in the top group and then you have two healers dealing with the prison down bottom and the third healer soloing the top section. Relatively stressful healing but worked out fine. 

We charged through nazgrim as usual and then had an excellent kill of Malkorok - despite only having five people at ranged (Xarvoz and I covered foos spot). To be fair we were lucky as it never put a double pool in the empty segment.

Unfortunately concentration seemed to go a bit in spoils and there was some damage problems killing the mogu adds when the big mogu boss is up - resulting in deaths. Had a bit of a break, swapped some people around and eventually it went down, despite taking a little longer than intended.

Slim had to head off so we got Zalid in to give Thok another go. After seeing it a couple of times and some positioning changes (for those pesky bats) he fell over which was rather pleasant!


Kor'kron Dark Shaman HEROIC 

  • Cenaria - 134


General Nazgrim HEROIC 

  • Cenaria - 117


Thok the Bloodthirsty HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 121


Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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