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re: Raid 14/7/14 - HEROIC Thok DEAD - 11/14



Tanks - Zalid and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Xarvoz and Sid

Ranged - Foosfighting, Kayrah, Petrarch 

Melee - Thunderlash, Sisy and Ethan

What a night. This is our 6 month anniversary (or as close as) and what a great way to celebrate. "Not one but two Jormunggar" - I mean heroic bosses.

With all the work we put in to Spoils on Wednesday it was really just dotting the I's and crossing the T's. Slim picked up the fight very quickly as expected and we were completing our side with 30-40 seconds to spare which was brilliant. two wipes later and it was dead (even with a DCing Kyrah). Not really much else to say apart from next time we will try and get Xarvoz in on the action

With about two hours left we had plenty of time to get the ground work of Thok down however it became apparent, rather quickly, that we could easily kill this fight tonight. Thok is very much a numbers check and not a tactics check as it is essentially the same as normal mode. Because of this, we did slightly outgear the fight. One of the first and biggest hurdles of the fight is getting the transition from phase 1 to 2 without Slim dying (cheating cape kept saving us) and more CDs and healing is definitely needed to stop him from dying. Here is the CD rotation for the first phase 1 (with stack numbers)

  • Xarvoz - Dev Aura - 6
  • Thunderlash - Ancestral Guidance - 7
  • Petrarch - Vampric Embrace - 8
  • Xarvoz - Bubble and CDs - 10 
  • Slim - Rallying Cry and Banner - 12
  • Sid - Ascendance and BoP - 15
  • Ethan - Rallying Cry and Banner - 18
  • Sid - Healing Tide - 19
  • Cenaria - Tranq and BoP - 21


Around 25 stacks we move together which transitions the fight at about 27/28 stacks.

Phase two is basically identical to normal mode as well. We always have the first person targeted by Thok running down the alley. Then the second person runs to the back of the room and then the third person back down the alley. As Thok picks the third person, the cage is opened. Usually a fourth person will be picked but he will only chase them for a second or two.

The second phase 1 begins with Slim standing near where the bats spawn. The idea in this phase is to survive as long as we can with as little CD usage as possible (and kill all the bats)

  • Thunder - Ancestral Guidance - 2
  • Foos - Vampiric Embrace - 3
  • Sid - Spirit Link - 6


The bats usually are dead (sub 15%) by about the 11/12th stack. This is when we clump together and force another phase 2.

The second phase 2 follows the tactics of the first phase two just heals need to be applied to people who are running away (especially if they have the dot on them). Whoever gets chased last (third) needs to kite Thok well down the alley

The third and final phase 1 begins with Thok being tanked side on at the entrance to the alley. He is usually about 35% at this point. We then burn him down as much as possible while keeping an eye out for the pesky yeti that charges around and one shots most people if they get hit by him. This is the order for this phase:

  • Xarvoz - Dev Aura - 6
  • Petrarch - Vampric Embrace  - 7
  • Xarvoz - CDs - 8
  • Cenaria - Tranq - 9
  • Slim - Rallying Cry and Banner - 10
  • Sid - Ascendance - 12
  • Ethan - Rallying Cry and Banner - 14
  • Sid - Healing Tide - 17
  • Thunderlash - Ancestral Guidance - 20


At around 21/22 stacks while the boss is around 5-10% health we stack up and force a final phase 2 where we kite him a bit and just finish him off

Overall a not too tricky fight but some excellent play tonight from everyone and a nice way to secure server second. We will reset on Wednesday for a change of scenery and hopefully clear the first 8 on heroic so try and be here to pull Immerseus at 8. Then next Monday we will try and clear Malkorok and spoils again and then extend for the following week to kill Thok and look at Blackfuse. Good job everyone, see you Wednesday!


Thok the Bloodthirsty HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 62
  • Thunder - 95


Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

rankings on the first kill of a new boss... pretty awesome :D!

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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