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re: Raid 9/7/14



Tanks - Zalid and Somni

Healers - Cenaria and Sid

Ranged - Foosfighting, Petrarch and Deathwielder

Melee - Thunderlash, Ethanol and Sisy

A very encouraging raid with some good progress despite the fact we should have probably killed the boss. Spoils is a very simple fight to execute and from the whole evening the most important thing I took away from our progress was the importance of optimization. Some of the areas that need to be looked at:

  • Box order
  • When to open next box
  • Route


When I say optimization I mean time between the next opening of boxes. Often we were wiping due to a few seconds which could have been picked up throughout the fight by faster box opening. This can be remedied by Dps and healers opening boxes for tanks but this is a messy way of doing the fight. Ideally the tanks just need to open boxes quicker (while remaining efficent).

Box Order

Below is the Order of boxes. this needs to be followed to the letter:

  • Green Box (0) + Small Box (1)
  • Green Box (0) + Small Box (1)
  • Big Box (14) + Small Box (1)
  • Medium Box (3) + Small Box (1)
  • Medium Box (3) + Small Box (1)
  • Big Box (14) + Small Box (1)
  • Medium Box (3) + Small Box (1)
  • Medium box (3) + Medium Box (3)


Please Follow this order as it adds up to 50 power and is very efficient.

When to Open Next Box

Ideally when a mob is on 25/20% the tank needs to be moving to their next box. When that mob is on 10% - open the next box and this process continues for the whole fight. the small box mobs are irrelevant and are really just asides to the Big, Green and Medium boxes. When the big box mob is on 10% start moving towards your next mob. 


This takes a little while to get used to but ideally tanks need to be following a route that they execute the same each time as this will help speed up transitions between mobs

the most important thing is that we must NEVER be standing around deciding what to kill next as we just don't have time for indecision

Mantid Room


Be watching if you get the bombs on you and try and drop them to the side of the room/ back. ideally not where tanks are going to be walking in the following 20/30 seconds. heaers need to be aware of the continual ticking damage.

Other mobs

Make sure we kill the kunchongs as they are a real pain for melee and can do a lot of damage when they keep throwing out the annoying orange gas pools. apart from that it is pretty simple.

Mogu Room


The boss does an ability that deals 300k to everyone in the room. This is increased (by 20%) for every mogu stone add that is up. they spawn every 15-20 seconds ish and MUST be killed. If the boss has more than 4/5 stacks (as in there are 4/5 of the mogu adds up) it will probably kill someone if not everyone in the room. apart from that just nuke him

Other mobs

make sure healers dispel harden flesh - especially if it looks like there is only one up as it can target the same person and deal a lot of damage if stacked. being vocal for soaking the anima golem pools is important (make sure tanks move them out of the healing crap ASAP) - call out which one you are taking early.

The Sparks

By following the order mentioned earlier both sides should be working at a similar point therefore we should not be getting 10 sparks on one side while the other side has none. This is particularly important on the boss boxes. Sparks do need to be prioritized but if the worst comes to it you can take the damage as its only about 550k. Calling out if we are getting a double spark and clarifying the positions of both sides is important!

This boss is definitely killable as we were so close and I hope to destroy it on Monday and then work on Thok which is basically just a test of healers. Good job everyone - lets get joint server second!

Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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