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re: Raid 11/6/14



Tanks - Zalid and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Xarvoz, Petrarch

Ranged - Foosfighting, Kayrah and Deathwielder

Melee - Thunder, Sisy, Ethanol 

This raid was a bit of a mix. The fist "half" went very well. Petrarch and I managed to two heal the 6 bosses on heroic (which included an excellently healed Iron Juggernaut) most were one shots as well which was great. Swapped around the group when Xarvoz arrived and got Thunder tanking for what I assumed would be a relatively quick Shaman kill. This was however not the case

Shaman has slightly changed due to our ever increasing DPS. The bosses drop totems at set percentages of their health - they then continue to use the abilities linked to these totems at set intervals.

  • The Iron totem that spawns at 95% Boss hp is irrelevant as that begins it all.
  • Poison totem is equally inconsequential at 85% boss HP
  • Foulstream begins at 65% which is also not a problem
  • Flame totem spawns at 50% and this is where the issue lies

Previously we had been reaching 50% later in the fight which meant there would be a good 5-10 seconds before a prison drops off (and a tomb spawns) after a falling ash giving healers time to heal up. This is now not the case as there is more like 2-3 seconds between these events. This obviously makes the fight a lot trickier to heal.

When we next attempt this encounter we will all try playing as good as we can but if it is just too difficult then I will call for a DPS stop to rectify this problem (until we can get so much DPS that we can get the iron totem mechanics to occur before the falling ash)

The end of the raid turned slightly sour and I would just like to raise a point briefly. Everyone is different in our small raid group and we all have different personalities and play for different reasons. While constructive criticism is encouraged, remarks to the contrary are not. No-one enjoys wiping on content (especially fights with personal responsibility) and frustration naturally will occur. If you feel you need to vent your annoyance please whisper ME and I will deal with the issue. I will not have people being made to feel uncomfortable in any of these raids! Likewise if you feel uncomfortable with something please contact ME at the time!! A bit more communication with ME in both instances would be greatly appreciated (and if I have a grievance - I will message Foos and he can sort it out :P)

Nothing else needs mentioning so this matter is now dealt with. Lets move on to killing better and harder content (and destroy Shaman when we next attempt then!) 

Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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