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Just watched a vid on Warcraft Academy :

 It suggests doing 1 boss box and all small and medium boxes and lust on Mogu boss.

This is different to what Fatboss says, which is 2 bosses + 5 medium + 7 small boxes and lust on 1st boss in second room.

Interesting to see which method is better.

Fatboss would mean killing 2 bosses with big health pools. Evrelia would mean more sparks as you are killing more mobs, but may be easier as everything dies quicker.

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re: Raid 9/6/14 - HEROIC Malkorok DEAD - 9/14


Very satisfying to see him go down. Grats all.


As to the tank stacks swaps, as I said to Slim mid-raid, I was actually ignoring the stack numbers and going by add spawn times. If you wait for the stacks to get to the perfect, or near perfect number, it can actually cause taunts to be later and p2 timing to be out.

Though I did keep a closer eye on Slims' stacks later and I was able to delay the taunts a little just to even out the stacks, the most important aspect is making sure that Slim has no stacks for p2.

Basically the taunts went like this : 2nd add is about to spawn/is spawning and Slim is on about 11 stacks, I taunt. I keep him until he does the breath and Slim takes him back. Repeat this way through fight.

With whoever was tanking taunting the add most of the time.

Seemed to go well as long as the add was not too near a melee and still alive when a puddle needed soaking. That slow from them is nasty.

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re: Raid 9/6/14 - HEROIC Malkorok DEAD - 9/14



Tanks - Zalid and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Xarvoz and Petrarch

Ranged - Foosfighting, Kayrah and Deathwielder

Melee - Thunder and Sisy

Malkorok Monday was a roaring success. took us just over two hours to finally down the frustrating orb infused nightmare. The re-jigged line up brought a lot more stability to the raid with a lot less people taking the avoidable orb damage. It also made the second phase much easier with more CD's on the table from our resident disco priest

Phase 1 (First Time)

Within a couple of pulls we were consistently clearing through phase one with no problems which was really great to see. Despite being down on our warrior count there was never really any problems with the melee puddle. Each phase 1 has 6 waves of pulls and if one does go off it is "manageable" especially if it is after the first breath however pool soaking was executed very well.

Phase 2 (First Time)

The big thing here is that the tanks must have been taunting on 15 stacks throughout phase one so that it lines up. There needs to be a tank swap with enough time for Zalid to move out of melee range but making sure that Slim doesn't get any debuff stacks. Everyone needs to clear as many orbs as possible. Zalid can clear about 1/2 of the platform but everyone can take a couple of orbs. We leave Xarvoz' platform as he can clear that during the beginning of the second phase one with a bubble. Prioritise dispelling melee, then ranged, then healers. Priest and Warrior CDs are used at the start of the phase and I put a CD on Slim half way through the phase. He needs to be spam healed and is the top priority. At the end of the phase I will tranq and we need to get everyone back up to full shield

Phase 1 (Second Time)

We were making much better progress and getting into the second phase one quite often. Although it is exactly the same as the beginning of the fight (ignoring the remaining orbs) people seemed to panic and positioning was becoming a problem. To try and combat this I placed a world beacon on everyone's platform (except Petrarch as we only have 5 hah). I positioned the mark right at the back in the centre of their segment. The idea is to be anchored to this mark and to always try and return as close to the mark at all times. This means puddles can always be effectively soaked.

Phase 2 (Second Time) 

A much easier phase 2 presuming everyone is alive to see it. melee need to move behind the boss and everyone nukes him. Ignore all orbs as we don't need to clear them. A couple of times we reached this phase with a healer dead and I believe the first time we got there with all three healers alive we killed it. He will probably enter a third phase one but it is for a very brief amount of time and there shouldn't be any pools to soak so it is just moving from the huge amount of orbs  

Sum Up

The slowing add seemed to die with plenty of time so I presumed whatever was happening to it was fine (despite the loss of Pet's damage). Some really good work to kill a boss that still only 19% of all guilds have killed.

We will reset on Wednesday and hopefully have another 8 heroic bosses dead. If there is time on Wednesday we may look at killing Malkorok on normal so we can spend the whole raid on Spoils Heroic as we had a few pulls and it seemed very doable but we shall see. Good job everyone!!!

Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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