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re: Raid 21/5/14



Tanks - Zalid, Sarkris and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Xarvoz, Petrarch and Totemchucker

Ranged - Foosfighting

Melee - Thunder, Sisy, Ethanol and Deoz (Open Raid)

New record, seven bosses down in one night with a definite potential to have 8 down in the next clear. Another speedy Immerseus kill despite some cruel swirls which is really good to be seeing. only one wipe. We got Sarkris in for Protectors and the trinket does exist (some people get their trinkets it would seem ¬¬ hah) which was great news. No hassle from Norushen and a nice kill on Sha as well. Galakras melted away as usual.

I was slightly apprehensive to be doing juggernaut after last weeks "interesting" attempts however our slightly amended tactic of spreading in phase 2 helped the boss die on the second pull (despite a Thunder and Sisy suicide run :P). although happening pretty much every 6 seconds, tracking the cannons on DBM did seem to be useful.

With a good hour left I had hoped to go over time a bit and end with a dead Nazgrim however Shaman thought different. The main problem was our rather "different" raid comp. We had three melee and Foos as the DPS which made things tricky especially when combined with pesky internet problems. Took a few attempts but in the end shaman fell over to finish off the evening

Despite a few poor shaman attempts it was a very successful evening. Sarkris' trinket really felt like the last piece of the gearing puzzle (although it would have been nice to have my trinket and Thunder's ring). Monday's raid will be destroying Nazgrim and then beginning proper work on Malkorok. The aim will be to comfortably getting through a phase 1 and hopefully 2. Unless it is looking dire, I will intend to extend the raid so we can spend the entirety of next week on Malkorok as well. Get reading up and let's dig in :)

Good work everyone!!

Galakras HEROIC 

  • Sisy - 15


Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Nice job Sisy :) hah! 

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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