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re: Raid 14/5/14


Was a very strange night indeed.


You loved having to switch to bear for Norushen. We all know you did :D

That was nice thinking though. Working out that Ethanol had to tank for a short time before you could take him due to the length of Heart of the Wild.


Juggernaut change is odd. Bigwigs does not track Demolisher Cannon, so that is going to be interesting. Though not a big deal from what I saw.

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re: Raid 14/5/14



Tanks - Zalid, Sarkris and Slim

Healers - Cenaria, Xarvoz, Petrarch and Totemchucker

Ranged - Kayrah, Naros and Renhorn (Open Raid)

Melee - Thunder, Sisy and Ethanol

Raid started very well hah - one shot on Immerseus - The raid is definitely more in control of this fight now. We had a terrible swirl that went through a lot of people but CDs were used and the damage was minimal apart from that it was an easy kill. As we were so high on numbers we swapped some people about as the raid progressed which worked very well. A couple of wipes on Protectors but that was due to an unlucky Rook spinning kick in a stack up phase and hitting the enrage as we were down a DPS.

This is where the raid took a turn for the bizzare. Norushen was bimbling along as usual until somehow (Windows updates lag?? hah) Sarkris was killed in the realm and we had already ressed so we were left with the only option of Slim solo tanking it. However his stacks of the debuff was very high and eventually he would have been one shot. Sooooo we got Ethanol to taunt for like 10 seconds then I popped Heart of the Wild, went bear form and tanked him until Slims debuff had worn out. I then soaked the rest of the big adds, went in the test realm for a second time while Pet soaked orbs - came out and we killed the fight as usual with healers soaking orbs. A very very bizzare one shot - yet surprisingly satisfying :)

Sha was equally as "stressful". Somehow Slim managed to get 50 pride within the first 20 seconds of the fight which meant we had to have an early bloodlust and Nuke the boss down to get that reset at 30% otherwise one of our tanks would have been mind controlled. Despite this it was actually a rather pleasant kill - RNG was on our side it would appear.

Xarvoz was online and so we swapped him with Sid. Galakras went down as smooth as ever apart from the first attempt where I lost track of my little adds to heal and they died (they then re-spawned but the whole fight is out by about a minute so we just reset). With a good hour left the plan was to make it a new record and get Shaman down as well however Blizzard had one more trick up its sleeve.

Juggernaut was going down as usual, we got to phase 2 where we always stack up and then suddenly everyone takes about 200k damage and we all die from the knock back. We try the fight again.... and the same thing happens. I am still not sure if it was bugged before and we were supposed to get the demolisher cannons on us but either way this is how the fight seems to be now (despite seeing no comments anywhere about a change for anyone else)

Basically there is an ability called Demolisher Cannon which is supposed to be in phase 2 (is in both phases) and before we were seeing it only in phase 1 (according to damage taken on previous logs) we are now seeing it across the whole fight. When the cannon targets someone it deals 200k to that player and the same damage to anyone within 5 yards. According to DBM it is trackable and I have ticked it so we shall see if that helps on Wednesday.

All it really means is that we loosely spread out in phase 2 which after a few attempts was not a problem at all. Definitely go into your DBM and start tracking Demolisher cannons (plus have a 5 yard ranged box up) hopefully that will help mitigate some damage

6 down - despite some rather strange events but overall an enjoyable night. I won't be here on Monday but Foos should be and I have given Pet the real Ids of our "off realm" raiders. I am sure you won't have a problem getting Shaman and Nazgrim down. 

See you all on Wednesday  :) 

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Here are the logs: - Raid Logs

Gz on the rankings Thunder hah! 

Thanks so much for coming!!! :) - Cenaria

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